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  • Are you a full service provider?
    No, but there are plenty of lovely full service providers in Chicago who can assist you!
  • Are you looking for a lifestyle submissive?
    I am currently not accepting any lifestyle submissives.
  • Can I bring you a gift?
    Please, l really appreciate gifts. Visit my wish list to review specific toys, shoes, and personal items. I always enjoy a bouquet of flowers from Asarai Garden or gift cards to local fine dining restaurants. Please note, I do not drink alcohol!
  • Can I take photos and videos of our session?
    No, but if you would like I can and will send them to you for an additional tribute.
  • Can I touch you?
    Never touch me unless instructed to do so.
  • Can you wear something specific?
    Absolutely! If I do not own the specific item of clothing you are welcome to buy it for me, I will not incur the cost of the outfit. All intimate areas of my body will be covered and you cannot pay me more for me to wear less, do not ask.
  • Do you double with other Dominas in Chicago?
    Yes! I offer doubles with Mistress Alexandra Sadista, Miss Simone, & Mistress Hecuba.
  • Do you offer doubles with full service providers in Chicago?
    I am always willing to meet and interact with other femmes in the industry. I will need an appropriate amount of time to become acquainted with and discuss boundaries and limits with them. I WILL NOT top a provider with a cis man, do not ask. I will top a cis man with another provider.
  • Do you have to hit my feet?
    No, but as a sadist with a foot fetish, it makes me really happy. :)
  • Do you offer discounts for Queer people?
    I do offer 20%-50% discounts for queer people who are looking to serve me.
  • Do you offer discounts to other SWers?
    I am pleased to offer 20%-60% discounts for Swers!
  • How do you prefer to be addressed?
    I prefer Miss Levi (like the jeans) or Miss Lake.
  • How should I prepare for a session?
    Physically: Please shower and groom your body thoroughly, including your feet. Please clip your nails as well. Follow any instructions I may specify in my communications with you, including where and what time to arrive. Mentally: Do whatever helps you relax, brings you to center, or clears your head.
  • I'm new and nervous, can we meet first?
    Absolutely! I prefer for client to feel comfortable and confident before we session. Please note that I am busy and my time does cost 150/hr for public service. An hour coffee meet is often enough time to quell nerves.
  • I want to be dominated but I don't like pain, should I book with you?
    I am not a sensual domme but I am a very dynamic woman and enjoy playing with people of all experience levels! I do tend to feminize those who cannot handle pain, as my more intense sadism doesn't apply to femmes.
  • Should I bring something with me to our session?
    All that is required of you for a session is a tribute. Please bring any essentials or toys that you enjoy (chastity).
  • Will you go on a date/attend social events with me?
    I do enjoy outings with submissives! I have enjoyed dinner dates, gallery openings, visiting to various museums, or shopping for records, clothes, shoes, and toys with clients. Public Service is 150/hr.
  • Will you humiliate me in public?
    I do not engage in kink in public unless I am at kink events.
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