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Image by Stephen Hickman
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I'm a queer, highly educated multidisciplinary artist, engineer, and strict sadist. I enjoy spending my time attending the museums, restaurants, opera, & ballet of Chicago when I am not pursuing passion projects or spending time with friends. I'm an introverted, silly, & sincere woman with an inquisitive and composed disposition. I enjoy collecting fetish equipment, guitars, motorcycles, & plants.


I relish in and respect the gift of submission. I have 8+ years in d/s dynamics and frequently attend classes and lectures put on by my lovely, powerful peers to expand my knowledge. I seek to safely and ethically engage in various BDSM practices while also allowing you to fully envelop yourself into my wrath of fervent torment. I am currently CPR and Blood Born Pathogen Certified & practice RACK(Risk Aware Consensual Kink). I have also begun my training under Mistress Simone of Chicago to further develop my skillset.


I aim to develop thoroughly honest, sincere relationships with my clients. I take your time, intention, and decision seriously so I do expect the same consideration. My mind is as perverse as my body is divine & only those who are respectful and ache to serve will worship at my altar.


I will gently guide you through buckling to my whims and laugh joyfully as you quiver and writhe. Learning to submit to me will be a challenging but vastly rewarding experience as I will help reveal you to yourself.... destroying and redefining you in my wake.

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